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Name Place Geography

Northside Homes

by Russ VanDerVoort, Historian

Northside in Waterford is arguably the most southern point in Saratoga County and definitely on the southside of Waterford.  At one time it was known as Dodgeville for a local resident who lived in the area.  During the influx of French Canadians who came to the area to work in the many mills along the Mohawk River in both Cohoes and Waterford, many of them settled in Waterford.  Many worked in Cohoes and now they resided on the northside of Cohoes and referred to it as Northside.  The local school was referred to as the Northside School although it was part of the Waterford Union Free School District.  When the volunteer fire service was organized in was know as the F. B. Peck Hose Co., Northside Fire District.  By 1901 work was starting on the digging of the Erie Barge Canal which caused “Northside” to be geographically separated from the rest of Waterford while construction took place; the better part of 15 years.  During this time the Waterford Post Office could not service this area so mail delivery was efected by the Cohoes Post Office.  For that time period if you lived there your official address was whatever house # and avenue name (Waterford is all streets, Northside is all avenues) Waterford, Northside, Cohoes.  Around 1915 the Waterford Post Office resumed delivery but the Northside designation never went away.  Hope that clears it up.  Ask somebody for directions to Dial, or is it Doyle City in Waterford.

Image and Map by Google.

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