Primary Route

Mile 0.0 Intersection of New York State Route 32
(Saratoga Ave.) and 8th Street, Waterford and the Bridge over Champlain Canal

Mile 1.2 Bridge over Mohawk River

Mile 1.4 Right turn into New Courtland Street

Mile 2.0 Harmony Mills National Historic Landmark

Mile 2.2 School Street, Right Turn to Overlook Park on Cataract Street

Mile 3.0 N Mohawk Street becomes Cohoes Crescent Rd

Mile 4.0 New York Power Authority Crescent Plant, Fishing Access

Mile 4.1 Bird Watching Area to Mile 4.6

Mile 4.9 Right Turn onto New York State Route 9

Mile 5.1 Colonie’s Freddie’s Park on Right, Fishing Access

Mile 5.2 Crescent Bridge over Mohawk River

Mile 5.4 North End of Crescent Bridge, Left Turn onto Crescent-Vischer Ferry Road

Mile 5.6 Left turn onto Canal Towpath Road

Mile 5.7 Halfmoon Crescent Park on Left with Path Under Crescent Bridge and west along Mohawk River

Mile 6.9 Crescent Boat Club, Private Marina and Club

Mile 7.8 The Klam’r and Marina, Diamond Reef Marina, Right Turn on Clamsteam Road

Mile 8.2 Left Turn onto Riverview Road

Mile 8.5 Wager’s Pond on left

Mile 9.0 Vischer’s Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve, Clute’s Dry Dock Entrance

Mile 10.0 Vischer’s Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve, Whipple Bridge Entrance

Mile 11.3 Vischer Ferry Historic District to Mile 12.2

Mile 12.0 Ferry Drive and Mohawk River overlook on left

Mile 13.3 Sugar Hill Road on right and Lock 7 Dam overlook on left

Mile 14.6 Mohawk Landing Park

Mile 15.0 Riverview Orchards

Mile 15.3 Llenroc Estate (private property) and Droms Road

Mile 16.0 Riverview Landing

Mile 16.3 Grooms Road

Mile 16.6 Mohawk River Scenic Overlook, Scenic View to

Mile 17.0 (park on Nott Road, Mile 16.9)

Mile 17.2 Edison Club, Private Club

Mile 17.5 Left Turn onto New York State Route 146 (Ballton Road)

Mile 17.8 Rexford Bridge over Mohawk River

Mile 18.0 Right turn onto Aqueduct Road at round about

Mile 18.1 Aqueduct Park on right

Mile 18.2 Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Crossing

Mile 19.6 City of Schenectady City Limits

Mile 19.9 Right Turn onto Maxon Road

Mile 20.3 Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Crossing

Mile 20.4 Railroad Crossing

Mile 20.7 Left Turn onto Erie Boulevard

Mile 21.3 Continue straight on Erie Boulevard at roundabout

Mile 22.1 Conclusion of the Byway at New York State Route 5 (State Street)

Alternate Route

Mile 0.0 Eighth Street and New York State Route 32 (Saratoga Avenue) village of Waterford

Mile 0.2 turn left on Washington Avenue

Mile 0.4 Washington Avenue becomes Fonda Road (Saratoga County Route 97) at the Waterford Town Line

Mile 0.7 Flight Lock Road on the left (a side trip to view the Locks 4 through 6 and the gate lock.)

Mile 3.0 turn left on County Route 96 (Middletown Road)

Mile 3.1 Turn left on County Route 94 (Halfmoon Drive)

Mile 3.6 Proceed straight on Saratoga County Route 99 (Church Hill Road) and continue through the Church Hill Historic District at the top of the hill

Mile 4.4 Turn left on New York State Route 9 (Halfmoon Parkway) to join the main Byway route at Mile 4.5 (this at Mile 5.6 on the main Byway route above