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April 27, 2021
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Out and Enjoy!

View of the Mohawk River from Riverview Orchards during Farm Fest 2008.

Whether you are planning a visit to the Mohawk Towpath Byway or a pleasant drive to a little known retreat in the mountains, this is going to be a special summer season for you and for me! Here’s what travel experience experts are offering for tips for a memorable experience.

Map Your Route. Whether you are going for a hike in one of our Parks or Preserves, going for a morning bike ride or cross country ski on one of our trails, or exploring one of our many historic features, get a map, locate the features that peck your curiosity. Look for online maps to ferret out the locations and features that others might not find.

Enrich Your Visit. Learn about the history of the landscape you visit. Have any of your ancestors passed through here? The guys who discovered the miracles of modern medicine… where did they live? What would it have been like to visit a Native American habitation? How would you have traveled this route before the advent of the automobile? Are there interpretive signs along the way that provide a local story?

Talk with the Locals. Find out where the clean restrooms are. You and I take the Stewart’s Shop restrooms for granted, but if your outside the Stewart’s area…? Is the weather usually like this? Don’t kid yourself, you aren’t from around here. Admit it and ask! On the Byway use our PED to read the QR code or dial up the self-guided tour at 518-649-9990 as you explore. Even us locals do that!

Eat Like the Locals. Find the local family run deli where you can pick up a quick lunch where the locals get their lunch. Bring a picnic lunch and eat at in a local park, canal lock, or historic beach front. Find the family run local restaurant with a parking lot full of local license plates, then plan to eat there early the next day before it gets crowded. Indulge in dessert, the local favorite ice cream, or fresh baked pastry.

Check the Conditions. The weather is the first concern. Will you need bug repellent? Remember the bugs go after the least prepared visitor. Is there any construction going on that would delay traffic. Are there closures that might require flexibility. If you discover you really like the place where would you stay overnight that reflects local charm and character?

Expect the Unexpected. When you are trying something new and different safety is a priority. Who would you call if something goes wrong? If going near or on the water wear your PFD. Do you have a water bottle, sunscreen, and a snack? If biking do you have a repair kit. How about a first aid kit? If you are venturing out alone does a loved one know where you are and when you will be back?

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