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Celebrate 5 Years

In 2010 the Mohawk Towpath Byway will celebrate 5 years of growth since being designated one of America’s Byways®. We have retained Bartel Communications of Waterford for a proposal for a comprehensive plan for publicity and marketing to celebrate our 5th anniversary. 

There are three questions that need answers before we go much further:

  • What do we wish to achieve by celebrating our anniversary?
  1. Tell the stories of the Byway– Pauline Bartell
  2. Raise public awareness and acceptance of the Byway – Eric Hamilton
  3. Foster an appreciation of our local history – Larry Syzdek
  • Which stakeholders do we wish influence with information about the anniversary?
  1. Volunteers – Eric Hamilton
  2. Local Governments – Henrietta O’Grady
  3. General Public – Pauline Bartel
  4. Tourism bureaus – Larry Syzdek
  5. Business Community – Nelson Ronsvalle
  6. Other layers of Jurisdiction (Canal Corp, Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, MVHC, etc) – Eric Hamilton
  • What messages do we wish to communicate to these stakeholders?
  1. Communities are reconnecting to the Canal and Mohawk River – Henrietta O’Grady
  2. New things to do along the waterway will make people aware of local history – Pauline Bartel
  3. Discovering our local heritage and recreational resources is fun – Eric Hamilton
  4. The stories of the power of water – Henrietta O’Grady
  • What are the achievements of the past 5 years related to the Mohawk Towpath Byway about which we are most proud?
  1. Gaining designation as one of America’s Byways®Henrietta O’Grady
  2. Completing a 64 page Discovery Guide to the Mohawk Towpath Byway – Henrietta O’Grady
  3. Landing a $1.7  million grant for the Towpath Trail – Eric Hamilton
  4. Kick off presentation at 2009 National Byway Conference – Eric Hamilton
  5. Working with our member municipalities  toward scenic conservation – Henrietta O’Grady
  • What are the unique aspects of the Mohawk Towpath Byway?
  1. Eight municipalities working together – Eric Hamilton
  2. Sections of three generations of the Erie Canal still wateredJohn Scherer
  • What are the best-kept secrets of the Mohawk Towpath Byway?
  1. Sections of three generations of the Erie Canal still wateredJohn Scherer
  2. The many stories within the Byway from Native American, American Revolution, the Erie Canal, family histories, Scenic Conservation, etc. – Eric Hamilton
  3. It’s right here in our back yard! – Eric Hamilton

You must have additional ideas and answers. Jot down your thoughts in a response below and submit.  We will edit this as we approach the meeting.

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