Assessing and Sustaining the Quality of America’s Byways®

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May 3, 2009
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May 26, 2009
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Assessing and Sustaining the Quality of America’s Byways®

A new primer on the America’s Byway® collection is now available at:

This is a compilation of everything you always wanted to know about the America’s Byways program.  The entire report is available on line in short easy to read segments.


  1. Bob Burnham says:

    Does anybody know what the major construction is all about at the hydro plant and feeder canal?

    It would be helpful if someone posted some info on the many web sites on this subject.

    • Yes, this summer Brookfield Renewable Power is undergoing major upgrades as defined in their renewal of their license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That work included the dredging of the power canal and reconstruction within the plant.

      While this construction was going on it provided some excellent viewing of the Cohoes Falls, particularly with all the rain we had during July.

      The external construction is now complete and the power canal is once again “watered.”

      Note also that under the new license a minimal “vailling” flow will be maintained over the falls.

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