Scenic Conservation

June 28, 2018

Scenic Intrinsic Quality

The most popular and iconic panoramic views along the Byway include the view up the Mohawk Valley from the cliffs just east of Rexford and Cohoes […]
April 7, 2018

Natural Intrinsic Quality

To consider the natural intrinsic qualities of the the Mohawk Towpath Byway corridor you really have to take a geologic perspective. “Glacial ice and meltwater played […]
January 3, 2016

Protect Our Communities’ Gateways

Gateways to our communities should make a statement that the traveler has arrived, further, that this place is special and unique. Most of us enter our […]
December 19, 2015

Scenic Conservation

As part of the stewardship of the corridor of our Mohawk Towpath Byway we need to continually update the Scenic Conservation Action Plan that we adopted several […]
December 10, 2015

New Kiosks

New interpretive kiosks have been installed along the Mohawk Towpath Byway to help tell the story and highlight the significance of the individual sites.  One will be […]
July 10, 2015

How Many Tourists are Too Many

As a young couple I remember staying at a seaside guest house where my wife and I shared a bathroom with another boarder whom we never […]
January 24, 2012


Discover the geology of the eastern Mohawk Valley
January 16, 2012


A better place to live will be a better place to visit: the Mohawk Towpath Byway. Volunteer today and remember Martin Luther King.
September 23, 2011

NYS Army National Guard Partnership

New York Army National Guard worked at Lock 15 of the enlarged Erie Canal and along the canal bed between Locks 14 and 15 in Cohoes.
April 6, 2011

Practical Strategies

One of the implementation strategies for scenic conservation issues along the Byway is volunteer effort. Adopt a roadside is one of these volunteer efforts. But Kyle Donahue demonstrated another possibility at the Dunsbach Ferry site as he completed his Eagle Scout Project. The site is at the intersection of Clamsteam Road and Canal Road in Halfmoon.
September 22, 2009

We Walked…

For the most in depth experience on the Mohawk Towpath Byway, you have to slow down and take "it" one step at a time. I have long advocated that the best way to see the Byway is on a bicycle. Well, that's close. But to really see the detail I now suggest you get off your bike and discover some of the real beauty, charming nooks, bits of history, and capricious nature. There's over 26 miles to the Byway that pass through more than a dozen communities, several geologies, and innumerable stories.
July 24, 2009

Walk the Byway

You are invited to Walk the Byway from Schenectady to Cohoes and Waterford on September 19, 2009.  You can walk the entire 26.2 mile Mohawk Towpath […]