Duathlon Success

Tenth Anniversary
September 22, 2015
Unveiling and ribbon cutting at the Lock 7 Dam Overlook with Clifton Park Supervisor Phil Barrett, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, Eric Hamilton, Chamber CEO Peter Gardenias, Larry Sydek, and John Scherer. - photo provided by Phil Barrett.
New Kiosks
December 10, 2015
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Duathlon Success

Registration Breather

Sue Lasker, Loueen Whalen, Mary Duclos and Isabel Prescott take a break from registration.

The final figures on the duathlon are in.  It was a successful event: it was a safe event, we had 99 competitors registered of which 84 finished along with three 2 person teams.  We had eight sponsors for a total of $3,100.  In addition the major sponsor Capital Region Landfills underwrote the event tee shirts for $2000.

Command Central

Larry Syzdek, Eric Hamilton, and Norm Schartzer caught together near the communications trailer

I figure we had 115 hours of volunteer hours into this project with an equivalent value of over $3,100!  Through that effort we made many new friends and only teed off a few unhappy motorists (none of them Byway visitors).

Bottom line: the Byway came out ahead by $2,737.

Thank you all of you who helped in so many ways!  If you worked on the project and didn’t pick up your Giffy’s Bar-B-Q chicken dinner… well it got eaten.  If you didn’t get a goody bag including tee shirt I will get one to you on your request.

In addition to CapitalDistrict Landfills our sponsors included Jeff and Kim Hamilton of Kennesaw, GA, the G E Foundation, Brookfield Renewable Power, Mohawk Fine Papers, Stewart’s Shops, Shenendehowa Rotary, Halfmoon Family Dental, Price Chopper/Golub Foundation, The Town of Clifton Park, and Riverview Orchards.
These photos were by Tracy Perry.  There are over 2000 photos of the competitors and volunteers by Kristen Hislop.  Look for her collection on her Google+ page and search on her name.

Next year why don’t you join the fun. It’s a two mile run, 17 mile bike ride through the scenic Byway corridor, and a two mile run to the finish. Not so ambitious? How about volunteering along side one of your neighbors? There will be over three dozen of us out there making it a safe and fun event!

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