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October 13, 2014
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November 16, 2014
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I didn’t take a run yesterday.  Why?  It was raining.  To be precise it was 49 degrees, slight breeze, and less than a tenth of an inch of precipitation an hour.

My passion is cross country skiing.  I am in training for the coming Nordic ski season.  I have skied in worse conditions than that.  In fact one of my most memorable experiences was skiing on a miserable, cloudy day, gliding over firm packed powder snow with the temperature below 20 degrees F.  Along comes a huge eight point buck loping along beside me.  I have also skied in a blizzard in Sandwich, MA.

I didn’t have to do the 10 miles I had planned.  The rain was not freezing onto black pavement.  I have the clothing and protective garb for such conditions right in my locker.  In fact, I could have worn that new high tech long sleeve tee shirt that I got for volunteering at the duathlon on Sunday.  I would not have suffered frost bite.  I would have been fine, but I didn’t.  Now I am kicking myself out of bed and today I am going to do it.

Mother Nature had something to show me yesterday on the Mohawk Towpath Byway, and I didn’t take advantage.

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