Byway Summit Notes

Principals of Scenic Conservation
March 31, 2014
Apple Blossom Festival
April 17, 2014
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Byway Summit Notes

Byway Summit Notes

Morning Round Table Sessions

Adventure Tourism:

  • Cliff Climbing in Rexford
  • Improved parking [at Rexford overlook]
  • Improved Access to Waterways
  • Waterford access through Peebles Island
  • Bird watching & plant identification opportunities
  • Geo-cashing


  • Post how many minutes to destination, not distance
  • Working locks – interpretive opportunities – docent, interpretive phone recordings
  • Geology of Byway
  • Lack of over view maps… “You are here”

(another group):

  • Communities have to believe tourism is important
  • Does the business community believe tourism is important?
  • Communities need to interact

Micro Economic Comm. Dev Ideas:

  • Adaptive Reuse of public lands and historic structures (e.g. Mohawk Riverside Landing Park in Colonie)
  • Support Private Restoration efforts (e. g. conversion of tack shop into general store/kayak rental)
  • Interpretive Signage (e.g. Lock 19 site)
  • Invest in wayfinding signage for visitors to find businesses
  • More transportation options for visitors
  1. Jimeys
  2. Bikes
  3. Convenience services for boaters
  • Grow/expand cell phone tour
  • Support Ultra Marathon
  • develop spin off events in 2015
  • wayfinding
  • connect runners to local businesses


  • Kayak + boat rentals
  • Nature Trails / Overlooks Cohoes Crescent Road
  • Dock Development 50’ – 100’ in Colonie
  • Bread (sic.) + Breakfasts
  • Bird Watching Tours

Municipalities can do the following to help emerging business:

  • Work with Chambers of Commerce
  • Utilize Media – Print – Social Media – Municipal Websites
  • Utilize Umbrella of local organizations to cross pollenate to get word out about new businesses
  • Use the Byway to guide with getting the word out.

Facilitated Afternoon Session

Endorse the Scenic Conservation Action Plan
Eric Hamilton asked the participating municipalities to (1) endorse the Scenic Conservation Action Plan as a living document and (2) provide materials to strengthen the document with success stories from our municipality.  [A follow up letter will be addressed to mayors, supervisors and municipal planners.]

Strengthen local representation
Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett moved we revise Section 2.2 of the Coalition bylaws to include the Town of Glenville and Village of Scotia.  [The bylaws are posted on line at  Halfmoon Supervisor Kevin Tollisen second the motion. Section 2.2 (b) would read as follows:

(b)    Directorships shall be held by representatives from each of the following municipalities within the Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway as designated from time to time by the governing.body of the respective municipality, along with two people at-large from the communities within the Byway corridor, which directorships shall be continuous, without interruption and without regard to the named individual holding such position.
City of Cohoes
City of Schenectady
County of Albany
County of Saratoga
County of Schenectady
Town of Clifton Park
Town of Colonie
Town of Glenville
Town of Halfmoon
Town of Niskayuna
Town of Waterford
Village of Scotia
Village of Waterford

Eric Hamilton said that the proposed revision would be circulated and acted on at the April 17 meeting of the Coalition.

What can the Byway do for your community
The ideas that were suggested:

  • Additional Interpretive Opportunitie  [note: we have a grant for this.  Additional blog post would explain]
  • Link Interpretive Signage
  • Inventory interpretive needs
  • Expand Cell Phone Tour
  • Newsletter
    • by the Byway
    • cross promote in other’s newsletters
  • Resource list for visitors
    • fishing
    • boating
    • shopping
    • dining
    • lodging
  • Update website technology to properly display interactive maps
  • “Disproportionate” maps to focus on resource rich areas
  • Safety – open up local opportunity(ies)
  • Ambassador for specific areas
    • who’s the “go to person” for specific areas of interest
  • PBS highlight of our area as a destination
  • WMHT
  • Four day itinerary on the Byway through Road Scholar
  • Competitive events to highlight the Byway’s resources
  • “ping 4 alerts”

What is happening in your local community that can help the Byway

  • Scavenger Hunt
    • “hidden treasures”
    • visitation stamps/buttons/pins
    • How, what, where
  • Keep municipalities aware of grant or funding opportunities
  • Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor website resource of funding opportunities

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