Compelling Self Guided Tours

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August 17, 2011
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September 6, 2011
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Compelling Self Guided Tours

America's BywaysThe Byway had a healthy delegation at the National Scenic Byway Convention in Minneapolis, MN, in August.  This is a platform for learning and sharing our successes with other byway officials across the country.  Volunteers from our Byway had a lead-off presentation on our successes developing self guided tours.  With any training opportunity sometimes the trainers learn as much as the trainees.

We on the Mohawk Towpath Byway have many stories to tell.  We tell these stories, our local heritage by stitching together our points of interest into several self guided tours.  It is amazing that some of our stories overlap stories from other byways.  For example we have a sister Byway in Detroit, the Woodward Avenue All American Road.  We both are of the exclusive group of 150 America’s Byways.  We both provide a unique theme.  They have the story of the automotive industry and we have the story of the only water level route through the Appalachian Mountains.  Both Byways are about the same length. Both Byways have a connection with early trade with the Native American at a western frontier.  Both Byways have a connection with the innovators that drove the industrial revolution.

America’s Byways® are a network of 150 national scenic byways and All American Roads across the U S A.  Each thread together tours to tell their byway’s stories.  These threads become the fabric that is the network of America’s Byways.  This fabric is our country’s heritage.  This fabric is the legacy of the America’s Byway’s program.

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