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Cohoes Falls
January 5, 2011
Spring Thaw
March 16, 2011
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Positive Feedback

Mike Wynn and I are both avid cross country skiers and compete in many of the same Nordic ski events. Of course he competes at a much higher level than I. He wins ski races while I compete just to finish. Perhaps you recognize the name. Mike won this year’s Mohawk Towpath Duathlon three minutes ahead of the second place finisher! It’s the first year he had tried our Duathlon.

The first time I saw him on skis this year he hailed me from a distance and paid all of us quite a compliment for such a great event. “I was expecting a total urban setting and first I knew I was out in the orchards.”

Thanks, Mike. That’s why we do the Duathlon. Just to show off what a wonderful resource we have: the scenic Byway, the grass roots volunteer corps, and the experience.

Welcome to the Mohawk Towpath National Scenic Byway!

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