Safety First

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June 30, 2010
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August 7, 2010
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Safety First

Just when I think I have seen it all, I get surprised.  As I was out for a run this week I was surprised by an on coming car traveling over on “my part” of the shoulder.  The operator was on the cell phone.  Apparently he or she is under the mistaken belief that you can talk on the cell or text as long as you travel way to the right.  WRONG.  That’s where the pedestrians, runners, cyclists, and baby carriages are.

When you are on the Byway enjoy the scenery, the history, and observe the character and charm of our communities.  Leave the personal electronic devices off and out of reach. Drive defensively recognizing that our Byway roads are narrow, many with limited shoulders.

As you recreate on the Byway, be vigilant.  Anticipate where that oncoming vehicle is going to go, especially if it’s traveling too fast for wet pavement (for example).  As you walk think if that oncoming biker has enough room to maneuver.  Are you visible?  Wear bright (to the point of shocking) colored clothing.  Add an extra flashing light on your bicycle.  Wear a reflective arm band or ankle bracelet.  If you don’t have a reflective arm band the Byway has a supply and we can mail you one if you give us your address.

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