Emergency Services

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October 26, 2009
November 8, 2009
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Emergency Services

As you pass along the Mohawk Towpath Byway you go through at least 13 different fire protection jurisdictions.  Three of these have paid fire departments.  The remainder are volunteer fire companies manned by men and women like you and me who in addition to their 40 hour per week job put in 2 to 20 hours a week as volunteer firefighters.  The majority of this time is spent in training and readiness activities honing their skills for when someone needs help in an emergency situation: fire, EMS, search and rescue to name a few.

Right in the middle of the Byway (actually covering 1/4 of the Byway) is the Vischer Ferry Fire District.  This District celebrated and dedicated a new engine/tanker fire truck, ETA625.

Wet Down of ETA625

Fire Truck Dedication as it Goes In Service

It’s custom to have a “wet down” to put a major new piece of equipment into service.  The District and the Vischer Ferry Fire Company invited the community to this dedication.  Neighboring fire companies bring their best and newest fire equipment to provide a suitable solute to the District and volunteers in the form of a deluge of thousands of gallons of water over the new equipment.  In a stretch of otherwise gloomy weather this morning provided perfect fall conditions for such an event as you can see in the accompanying photographs.

If you missed this event or the fabulous lunch that followed, you can experience great breakfast fare most Sunday mornings.  Whatever weekend you visit the Byway chances are that you can find one of the Fire Companies putting on a pancake breakfast as a fund raiser.  Try it!

It is my hope that as you experience the Byway whether for a pleasant drive exploring our heritage, history, and many recreational assets that you will not need emergency services.  But if you should, dial 9.1.1 and the Vischer Ferry Fire or one of our fine neighboring Fire Departments will be there.

The Vischer Ferry Fire Company with ETA625 in service.

The Vischer Ferry Fire Company with ETA625 in service.

Anybody have a squeegee?

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