Scenic Intrinsic Quality

Ed Tremblay, Master of Ceremonies
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June 10, 2018
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Scenic Intrinsic Quality

The most popular and iconic panoramic views along the Byway include the view up the Mohawk Valley from the cliffs just east of Rexford and Cohoes Falls from either side of the River. These views change dramatically with the seasons and depending on the weather they can change daily. Sunrise and sunset can provide dramatic lighting for even amateur photographers at any access point on the Mohawk River where the combination of sky, water, and landscape meet. Nearly two dozen public access points on the water are identified on the Byway’s interactive, on line maps. If you are lucky or opportunistic you can also capture interesting wildlife activity or other people enjoying the recreational assets of the Byway. Incorporating these wildlife or recreational activities in your photography or in visual memories adds another dimension.

Away from the water one can capture images or memories of some of our other intrinsic values on the Byway. Others have had great success! As I have said before the best ways to capture and appreciate our scenic resources is on a bicycle. But one of the images I remember was of a bovine creature reaching over a fence to get the greener grass and I chose not to stop my forward progress on my bike for the sake of photo opportunity.

Whether you are with camera or just enjoying the moment on the Byway, do it slowly as though you are in a contemplative state. Enjoy the Mohawk Towpath Byway.

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