Southern Most Point

Southern Saratoga Interact has adopted a mile and a half segment of Riverview Road by "policing" twice annually.
Clean Sweep Success
April 23, 2016
Tourist Oriented Directional Signs
Tourism Oriented Directional Signs
May 17, 2016
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Southern Most Point

Southern most Byway

Southern most terminus of the southern most byway, the Florida Keys Scenic Byway.

While on vacation early this month my wife and I had a couple of other tourist take a photo of the southern end of the southern most of America’s Byways.  By personal observation the most photographed spot in Key West has to be the southern most point. Southern Most Point in the continental USA. The second most popular is this shot of the southern most terminus of the Florida Keys Scenic Byway.  Barb and I have travelled this route, once.  It includes such notable scenic wonders as the seven mile bridge over the Atlantic Ocean and numerous unique coral islands that make up the Florida Keys.  The only problem: if there is an accident or an event like the marathon out of Marathon there is no alternate route.  You have to be patient and WAIT until the accident is cleared or the event finishes.  The real alternate was learned from the birds: fly right into Key West!

So, my question of the day is, “what’s the southern most point on the Mohawk Towpath Byway?”

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